Bits of this, bits of that...

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with quite a wide range of clients, of varying sizes, from many different backgrounds and business areas. Here’s a few examples of my recent work.

A Thousand Words

Design, Build, Print Materials

The A Thousand Words exhibition aims to explore the relationship between — and many uses of — text in art.

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Cargo Creative

Site design, build, brand & identity, printed materials

A complete overhaul of the Cargo Creative brand, website and printed materials launched in time for new year 2013.

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Safe Families for Children

Design, Build, Print Materials

An informative, resource-packed site for the Vardy Foundation’s latest charitable venture.

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Success in Football

Design, Brand Realignment, Build, Video Editing

Working with talent in the fields of football and management, Richard Nugent helps athletic professionals both on the pitch and off to achieve the best they possibly can.

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Design, Illustration, Build, Print Materials

YourFilm is a small yet prolific video production agency based in the Northern Design Centre, Gateshead.

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As well as the above completed projects, I sometimes preview snippets of work in progress over on Dribbble. Here's a few of my latest shots.

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