Rodney Mullen: How context shapes content

TED talks are great. I can lose myself for hours; whether working or just killing time, I can pick one at random, pop it on in the background and pretty much guarantee it’ll be interesting, thought provoking and worth sharing with my friends and colleagues. More often than not, these talks can be applicable in some way to myself, my profession and the industry in which I work. I recently stumbled across this talk from none other than Rodney Mullen, the “Godfather of Modern Skateboarding” himself.

Like many of my friends, I dabbled a little with skateboarding when I was younger. I was terrible, and never really stuck with it. But I always had the interest, in not only the “sport”, but the culture, the attitude and the aesthetics. Rodney Mullen was one of those characters from skating – an innovator, with a style and approach so original, completely of his own. Many know him as one of the characters from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games, and perhaps that’s a testament to his importance in the sport. Mullen’s spirit is very much apparent in his Ted talk – his passion, dedication and skill not only in what he does with a board, but also in his delivery on stage.

Regardless of your interest in skateboarding, his talk is pretty captivating. Not only due to Mullen’s personality, but in the parallels we can draw with our own pursuits. So take twenty minutes out, and enjoy.

Makes me want to fire up the old PSone.