Hello world

I really have put this off far too long. Sure, I could go ahead and list the multitude of reasons behind why I’ve neglected making something of my little space on the web, but I’d surely bore you to tears. Excuses, excuses…

Bar the simple holding page that sprung up a year or so ago, this space hasn’t really be used for much at all. The top and bottom of it is, I’ve been pretty busy both in my professional as well as personal life. Add to that the fact that I’m not the best of writers, and well… what more reason do you need. But as a reader — a consumer — of web industry-related content, it’s be pretty hypocritical of me to not have some kind of “sounding board” of my own, even if only just to give the poor souls who’s ears I chew off on a regular basis an easy exit:

“Hey Sid, what do you think about [insert subject here]…?”

So instead of me wittering on for far too long about something you might not really care about – I give you this, instead. Much handier.

Feel free to pop back at any time; you might find something new, and hopefully somewhat interesting. I’ll hopefully be updating this as often as I can.

Welcome to Downinthree. You know where the back button is.